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Fairchild PT-19 Cornell
Fairchild PT-19 Cornell
Fairchild PT-19 Cornell
First Flight: 1939
First Use: 1940
Total Built: 7,742
Manufacturer: Fairchild Aircraft
Wingspan: 36 feet 11 inch
Length: 27 feet 8 inch
Height: 7 feet 9 inch
Engines: one 200hp Ranger L-440-3 in-line
Max. Speed: 125 MPH
Service Ceiling: 16,000 feet
Max. Range: 430 miles
Payload: none (2,450lb maximum)
Armament: none
Crew: 2
Cost: $7,140 in 1940

The P-19 was the first monoplane primary trainer purchased in large numbers by the armed forces. The Fairchild Cornell series of aircraft was designed in 1938.

In the United States they served as the primary low wing monoplane trainer in the Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) program.

While in Canadian service the Cornell was equipped with a sliding canopy for both the pilot and the instructor. This model was designated the PT-26.

Aside from the United States and Canada, PT-19's were also operated by Brazil, Chile and other South American countries.

This aircraft is a PT-19B, S/N 43-5598.

This artifact is on loan from the U.S. Air Force Museum Program.