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Folland FO-141 Gnat
Folland FO-141 Gnat
Folland FO-141 Gnat
Folland FO-141 Gnat
First Flight: 1955
Manufacturer: Folland
Wingspan: 22 feet 2 inch
Length: 29 feet 9 inch
Height: 8 feet 9 inch
Engines: (2) Rolls Royce Bristol Orpheus turbojets w/4,520 lbs thrust each
Max. Speed: 695 MPH
Max. Range: 500 miles
Payload: (2) 500lb bombs or 3-inch rockets on 2 pylons
Armament: (2) 30mm cannon on air intakes w/115 rds per gun
Crew: 1
Designed in a private venture by Folland Aircraft, Ltd. in the United Kingdom, designers wanted to see how small they could make an aircraft, yet be effective. Intended for sale as an export, India, Yugoslavia and Finland purchased Gnats. India liked the aircraft so much that the Bangalore Division of Hindustan Aeronautics, Ltd. continued construction and Gnats were flown successfully by the Indian Air Force. The little plane carried only 240 gallons of fuel internally and 60 gallons in two underwing jettisonable tanks.
This aircraft is on loan from Military Aircraft Restoration, Chino, CA.

Folland FO-141 Gnat Folland FO-141 Gnat