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C-131 Samaritan
C-131 Samaritan
C-131 Samaritan
Convair 440, C-131 Samaritan
Short Range Transport
First Flight: 1947
First Use: 1949
Total Built: 147 (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, RF)
Manufacturer: Convair and General Dynamics
Wingspan: 92 feet 0 inch
Length: 75 feet 0 inch
Height: 27 feet 0 inch
Engines: Two 2,500 Pratt & Whitney R-2800 99W Radials
Max. Speed: 293 MPH
Service Ceiling: 24,500 feet
Max. Range: 1,450 miles
Payload: 16,000 lb cargo, 60 combat troops, 42 stretchers
Armament: none
Crew: 2-3
Versions: recon, navigator/bombardier trainer
The C-131 was a military transport version of the Convair-Liner built by General Dynamics. It was the first pressurized, twin engine transport ordered by the Military Air Transport Service. The T-29 version of this aircraft filled the back of the plane with student stations and was used to train bombardiers, navigators and electronic warfare officers. The museum's C-131 is a D model, serial number 54-2808, manufactured by Consolidated Vultee, San Diego, CA and delivered to the Air Force on October 19, 1954. It served with the 1299th Air Transport Squadron (MTC), 4500th Air Base Wint (TAC), 1001st Composite Wing and the 125th Fighter-Interceptor Group (ANG). It was an east coast airplane flying out of Bolling AFB, D.C., Langley AFB, VA, Andrews AFB, MD and Jacksonville AP, FL.
This artifact is on loan from the U.S. Air Force Museum Program.