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The International Aerospace Hall of Fame

of the San Diego Aerospace Museum

The International Aerospace Hall of Fame

The International Aerospace Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame honors the pioneers of aviation and aerospace. Each honoree is represented by a portrait along with a plaque giving a brief introduction to their lives and accomplishments.

The individuals are listed in the order that they are displayed in the museum.

NOTE: The museum has broken up the Hall of Fame and moved pieces of it around to different sections of the museum. It is now supposed to be divided so as to have the individuals located in the eras that they were in.  For instance, all of the World War II participants would be moved over to that section of the musuem.

Row 1

first row Joseph and Etienne De Montgolfiers - Immortal French Aero Pioneers
Albert Santos-Dumont - Brazilian Aero Pioneer
Sir George Cayley - True Inventor of Flight, Premier Scientist
Otto Lilienthal - 19th Century Pioneer Aeronautical Experimentalist
Auguste and Jean Piccard - Pioneer Aeronauts
Glenn Hammond Curtiss - Aviation Pioneer - Inventor - Pilot
Jacob Ellehammer - Inventor, Aviation Pioneer
Octave Chanute - First Great Aviation Historian
Daniel Bernoulli - Physicist and Fluid Dynamicist
Orville and Wilbur Wright - Inventors of the Airplane

Row 2

second row Sir George Edwards - Industrialist
Reuben Hollis Fleet - Pioneer Military Aviator, Aviation Industrialist
Cyrus Rowlett Smith - Founding President of American Airlines
John Leland Atwood - Premier U.S. Aero Engineer
William T. Piper - General Aviation Aircraft Manufacturer
Frederick H. Rohr - Aero Engineer - Inventor
Clyde Vernon Cessna - Founder Cessna Aircraft Company
Donald Wills Douglas - Pioneer in Design and Construction of Commercial Aircraft
James Smith McDonnell - Aeronautical Engineer - Industrialist
Short Brothers - Aviation Manufacturing Pioneers
Howard Hughes - Designer - Airline Executive

Row 3

third row Juan Terry Trippe - Founder of Pan American Airlines
Frederick K. Smith - American Industrialist and Air Cargo Executive
William McPherson Allen - Aerospace Industrialist
Robert Campbell Reeve - Pioneer Alaska Pilot - Airline Executive
T. Claude Ryan - Early Aviator - Aircraft Designer - Aviation Industrialist
William Edward Boeing - U.S. Aero Industrialist - Air Transportation Pioneer
Olive Ann Beech - Aviation Industrialist
Walter Herschel Beech - Aviation Pioneer - Aero Industrialist

Row 4

fourth row Edward Vernon Rickenbacker - WW I American Fighter Ace
John Henry Towers - Admiral U.S. Navy - Champion of Naval Air Power
Carl A. Spaatz - General United States Air Force - Distinguished Air Commander
Hugh Dowding - Air Chief Marshal, Royal Air Force - Victor in the Battle of Britain
Hugh Montague Trenchard - Marshal of the Royal Air Force - Pioneer Military Airman
William A. Bishop - Air Marshal, Royal Canadian Air Force
Iherbert D. Kelleher - Air Transport Executive and Airline Visionary
Charles H. Kaman - Rotary Wing Aircraft Designer and Manufacturer

Row 5

fifth row William E. Mitchell - Major General U.S. Air Service - Proponent of Air Power
Ira Clarence Eaker - Lieutenant General U.S. Air Force - Tactician - Airpower Advocate
Curtis Emerson LeMay - General United States Air Force - Renowned Air Commander
Henry Harley Arnold - Pioneer Military Aviator - Champion of Air Power - The only U.S. Air Force Officer to hold 5 star rank
Baron Manfred von Richthofen - Gifted German Air Combat Leader
Benjamin O. Davis Jr. - Airman and Statesman
Marc Andrew Mitscher - Naval Aviation Pioneer
Sir Frederick Handley Page - Industrialist
William Powell Lear - Engineer - Inventor - Aircraft Manufacturer
Sir Richard Branson - Record-setting Balloonist and Aviation Entrepreneur

Row 6

sixth row Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith Pioneer Aviator; Explorer
Bernt Balchen Pilot - Polar Explorer
Richard Evelyn Byrd Rear Admiral U.S.N. - Polar Explorer - Scientist
Tony LeVier Leading Test Pilot - Flight Safety Advocate
Katherine Stinson Pioneer Aviator and International Exhibition Pilot
Jacqueline Cochran Premier U.S. Aviatrix
Brian Trubshaw and André Turcat Experimental and Developmental Test Pilots
George W. Goddard Inventor of Aerial and Space Photography Systems
Sir Alan Cobham Long Distance Flight Pioneer
John A. Macready Colonel U.S. Air Force - Pioneer Engineering Test Pilot
Wiley Hardeman Post American Pioneer Aviator
Louis Bleriot French Aero Pioneer

Row 7

seventh row James Harold Doolittle Lt. Gen. USAF - Distinguished Aviator - Air Force Commander
Charles Augustus Lindbergh The Lone Eagle
A. Scott Crossfield Premier Test Pilot
Charles E. Yeager Colonel USAF - Premier Test Pilot
Elrey B. Jeppesen Creator of the Jeppesen Airway Manual
Amelia Earhart U.S. Aviatrix
Louise McPhetridge Thaden Pioneer Aviator and Air Race Pilot

Row 8

eighth row Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin Colonel, Air Force, USSR - Russian Astronaut
Frank Borman Astronaut
Buzz Aldrin Colonel, USAF - U.S. Astronaut
John W. Young Astronaut - Test Pilot
William A. Anders Astronaut
James A. Lovell Astronaut
Sergei Pavlovich Korolev Rocket Designer
Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky Space Pioneer

Row 9

ninth row Alan B. Shepard, Jr. Rear Admiral, USN - First U.S. Astronaut
Neil A. Armstrong U.S. Astronaut
Walter M. Schirra Jr. Capt. USN - Pioneer U.S. Astronaut
John H. Glenn Col. USMC Ret. - U.S. Astronaut
Michael Collins U.S. Astronaut
Wernher Von Braun Rocket Scientist
Krafft Arnold Ehricke Premier Space Scientist
William Hayward Pickering Astro Scientist - Spacepower Advocate
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

Row 10

tenth row Glenn Luther Martin Pioneer Aero Designer and Industrialist
Andrei Tupolev Designer
Sir James Martin Aerospace Inventor and Manufacturer
Stanley Hiller, Jr. Helicopter Designer and Manufacturer
Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Designer and Manufacturer

Row 11

eleventh row Hugh Latimer Dryden Aerodynamicist - Architect of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration
Leroy Randle Grumman Aeronautical Engineer - Aviation Industrialist
Elbert L. (Burt) Rutan Designer
Marcel Dassault French Aviation Industrialist - Statesman - Patriot
Hans Joachim-Pabst von Ohain Co-Inventor of the Jet Engine
Richard T. Whitcomb Aerodynamicist
Frank Wolfe Fink Distinguished Engineer

Row 12

12th row Dr. Robert R. Gilruth Aerospace Scientist and Engineer
Clarence "Kelly" Johnson Renowned Aeronautical Engineer
Edgar Schmued Aeroplane Designer
Edward Henry Heinemann Aeronautical Engineer - Designer
Theodore Von Karman Master Scientist - Aeronautical Engineer
Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov Aircraft Designer and Manufacturer

Row 13

13th row Reginald Joseph Mitchell Eminent British Aircraft Designer
Sir Frank Whittle Air Commodore, Royal Air Force - Producer of the First Practical Jet Engine
Lawrence Burst Sperry Pioneer Aviator - Inventor - Aero Engineer
Louis Charles Breguet French Aviation Pioneer - Aero Industrialist
John Knudsen Northrop Premier Aero Engineer - Inventor
Willi Emil Messerschmitt German Aeronautical Design Genius

Row 14

14th row Paul Poberezny Founder of the Experimental Aircraft Association
Ivan A. Getting Physicist, Engineer and Aerospace Visionary
Claude Dornier Industrialist
Karel J. Bossart Pioneer Space Scientist
Henrich K.J. Focke German Aviation Pioneer - Helicopter Designer
Henri Farman Pioneer
Waldo D. Waterman Inventor - Aero Engineer

Row 15

15th row Sir Sydney Camm British Aircraft Designer
Artyom Ivanovich Mikoyan Aircraft Designer
Hugo Junkers Pioneer German Aircraft Designer - Civil Airline Advocate
Juan de la Cierva Pioneer of Rotary Wing Flight
James Howard Kindelberger Aeronautical Designer - Industrialist
Ernst Heinkel German Aeronautical Engineer - Industrialist
Hermann Oberth Pioneer of Rocketry and Astronautics

Row 16

16th row Issac Machlin Laddon Aeronautical Engineer - Inventor
Igor I. Sikorsky Aero Engineer - Inventor
Alexander Martin Lippisch Pioneer German Aerodynamicist
Sir Thomas O. M. Sopwith Pioneer Aviator - Aero Engineer - Industrialist
Edwin A. Link, Jr. Pioneer Flight Simulator Designer
Ludwig Prandtl Father of Aerodynamics

Row 17

17th row Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin Pioneer Airship Designer
Anthony Herman Gerard Fokker Pioneer Dutch Aircraft Designer
Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard Inventor - Scientist - Rocket Pioneer
Grover Loening U.S. Aviation Pioneer - Engineer - Inventor
Sir Geoffrey De Havilland British Aircraft Designer - Founder of the De Havilland Company
Gianni Caproni Aviation Pioneer Premier Italian Aircraft Designer and Manufacturer
Sir Alliot Verdon-Roe Pioneer Aeronaut - Aircraft Designer - Aero Industrialist

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